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31 January 2011

dancing in the streets

(Marc by Marc Jacobs knit sweater + Calvin Klein striped cardigan + Zara tank + H&M striped dress)

I promise we do not live in Chinatown, but being halfsies and it being around the time of Chinese New Year, we've been down there more than usual. The festival turned out to be a half reggae, half Bon Jovi concert, which we appreciated, but the unenthusiastic lion dancers were rather disappointing. Anyway, we're fairly sure we won't be hitting the Chinatown scene for a while, and good news! we'll be utilizing our winter coats very shortly!


sbot said...

AND I wish I didnt have to wear a jacket!

Cute photos!

Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )


THE CHEAP said...

You both are so gorgeous! And THANKS so much for your comment! Can't wait to see what you girls have to post next!


Ilya said...

Thank you! And the last picture is so cute, love your boots

Downtown Diaries said...

CUTE outfits!!! =) i love all the grey!

SAMANTHA said...

this looks so fun.


my.amalgam said...

fucking love your blog!!
glad i found it

Becky-May said...

Beautiful pictures! Lovely blog :)

The Flower Girl


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Looks like fun. :)

And thank you for visiting my blog.

xox Courtney Michele

Sarah said...

Those sweater and striped skirt are amazing!

iCanKillForChanel said...

cute pictures!!!!

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