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01 February 2011

country roads

(Gap denim motorcycle jacket + shorts from forwardforward + Katie's new Deena&Ozzy boots+vintage dress and chambray shirt)

We took out our favorite denims and boots (mine are a given, Katie's are her new pair from Urban that desperately need a break in) and took to the road. I've had a problem/obsession with drawing crosses on myself for a while and I was surprised at how many crosses and cross-type things I saw as we drove. It was family time, and Mother was our designated photographer today. She wasn't exactly keen on her duties, but survived the ordeal well enough with the two snaps she took.



.sabo skirt. said...

absolutely gorgeous photographs of the natural landscape. You are both gorgeous and LOVING the boots you both are wearing!

much love from the .sabo skirt. girls! - ONLINE SHOP LAUNCHING 1st MARCH

alannah. said...

got to love a good spot of denim! you both look fab, keep rocking girls.x

Francesca said...

road trips are the best. love the last pic. great boots girls!

F. ( x

Heart Charlie said...

I love those denim shirts and that bracelet, great road trip photos!

Angie G said...

Beautiful pictures ladies!
Thanks for your sweet comment.
Following you now with bloglovin.


Z--- said...

loove the shoes on the right of the last picture!They are amazing!!xxx

Laurita P said...

i love roadtrips, nice photos!

Nadine said...

you look like profesional models!

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