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31 January 2011

dancing in the streets

(Marc by Marc Jacobs knit sweater + Calvin Klein striped cardigan + Zara tank + H&M striped dress)

I promise we do not live in Chinatown, but being halfsies and it being around the time of Chinese New Year, we've been down there more than usual. The festival turned out to be a half reggae, half Bon Jovi concert, which we appreciated, but the unenthusiastic lion dancers were rather disappointing. Anyway, we're fairly sure we won't be hitting the Chinatown scene for a while, and good news! we'll be utilizing our winter coats very shortly!

30 January 2011

pour the tea

(Uniqlo shorts + Urban skirt and red top + Muji cardigan + Zara blazer)

Who remembers the scene from Mulan when the Matchmaker has her pour tea in an act of traditional female subservience and she spills it on the nasty woman accidentally? Katie did something similar today, except all over our camera. It actually created a nice hazy effect for our snaps, and thankfully didn't ruin the camera. Between sliding down the roof and the tea incident, the camera isn't exactly thankful to be ours.. ps sorry the shots are nearly faceless, it was sunnier than expected and now it's raining!

29 January 2011

what we see

A few randoms from the week before we're off on a new adventure!

walking on the winter side

Snaps from our last snowy winter when we missed our flight back to the Island because of traffic and found ourselves in a magical winter wonderland. We spent the entire day of Christmas Eve walking around the City and it was one of the best experiences ever.

27 January 2011

Today we're inspired by simplicity. TGIF!!!

26 January 2011

vintage coats

(vintage coats and vintage Phel circa 2000-something)

Some old snaps of us back when we didn't understand what a blog was, yet longed for the chance to wear coats, even on the Island. 

24 January 2011

trousers and tramps

(Nine West heels + Urban Oufitters gingham crop top+ brothers tuxedo shirt+vintage trousers)
We took our pup on a trip to the dog park in our typical fashion, that of the Inappropriate. She's incredibly anti-social except when it comes other dog owners, which would be a big plus for making friends if they weren't more keen on being her friend than ours. But, such is life.

23 January 2011

the mustache machine

(Marc by Marc Jacobs T-shirt + Gap skinny cords+G2000 oxfords+50cent mustaches)
Unfortunately, my mustache was blonde and less visible than Katie's Charlie Chaplin-esque stache, but they did a good job in completing our outfits for mini golf.

22 January 2011

123, ACB


We have been convinced for a long time (read: since we were four?) that we were Pocahontas and her friend, who we think is named Naima, and after playing in our backyard creek for years we finally graduated to more serious photos (coming soon, and not just the Thanksgiving ones) and took a real interest in jewelry with Native American sentiments. LowLuve by Erin Wasson (!) is an absolute favorite, as is Annie Costello Brown's jewelry line, which has so many great pieces it's impossible to choose one that's our favorite, although I'd love a hairpipe necklance..

19 January 2011

you two, too

Snaps from old posts while we get it going on this end.

18 January 2011

the mean reds

(Audrey Hepburn)
On a stormy day when you have a cold, some times all you can do to feel better is watch an Audrey Hepburn movie. She's our idol and has been our absolute favorite actress since our father introduced us to her years ago.

17 January 2011

classic case of insomnia

(Levi's+American Apparel Ts+Converse All Star sneaks+Karl Lagerfield Aviators)
We've been having dual bouts of insomnia and it only seemed right to share the moment with our duck friends down at the pond.
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