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30 January 2011

pour the tea

(Uniqlo shorts + Urban skirt and red top + Muji cardigan + Zara blazer)

Who remembers the scene from Mulan when the Matchmaker has her pour tea in an act of traditional female subservience and she spills it on the nasty woman accidentally? Katie did something similar today, except all over our camera. It actually created a nice hazy effect for our snaps, and thankfully didn't ruin the camera. Between sliding down the roof and the tea incident, the camera isn't exactly thankful to be ours.. ps sorry the shots are nearly faceless, it was sunnier than expected and now it's raining!


plentyforpennies said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love yours : )

Heart Charlie said...

Great photos!! I love the outfits and that food looks SO yummy!

SAMANTHA said...

love that blazer! great shots, such good luck with that camera and tea mishap! haha


sbot said...

BEautiful photos and post!

Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )


Paola said...

fantastic pics your outfits are great!!!!!

Audrey Allure said...

Great photos, love your oufits!

Abby said...

I LOVE that movie! I am glad your camera was ok! I dropped my ipod in a bucket of water yesterday. It survived thanks to a bowl of rice.. apparently it sucks out the moisture. who knew? lol Oh and thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm glad you guys liked my feather extensions. :) love your blog!!

3ate4 said...

Liking the Muji cardigan.

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