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02 January 2011

relevant curses

(Urban Outfitters lace up T and shearing boots+skinny cords and ripped BF jeans by Gap+Muji fitted T+vintage cowboy ankle boots+sunglasses by Karl Lagerfield)
Katie has come down with a cold and felt the need to wear her sunglasses the whole day while I jumped around like a fool, practically leaping into Katie's arms when someone drove too close to us on the sidewalk.

Our photographers for the day were a light post, some stairs, a tree and a park bench. We decided to visit a palace (literally)downtown in our casual Sunday whites.

The aforementioned curse would be my half-grown bangs which fluctuate between acceptable and too short to be bearable on a daily basis, especially when it's as windy as today happens to be unfortunately.

Day 2!

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