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04 March 2011

hello, dolly

We'd like to apologize first for our major lack of updates; in the past two weeks we've been running around like crazy people. Katie has returned to the City and I to the Island, which makes things definitely more difficult, but that much more interesting!

In new and exciting news, our darling fellow blogger Angie sent us this award, which we appreciate so much!

Seven things about us...
1. we aren't twins although we've always felt we should be
2. Willie Nelson can make us happy no matter what the situation
3. we drink coffee 24/7
4. we like football
5. we have two cats
6. Not Another Teen Movie is a classic in our eyes
7. phelanie is a combination of our middle names

We plan to be back up and running ASAP, so thank you for not abandoning us!!

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