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30 April 2011

One Upon a Time in China

Since Phel is not currently a unit,  I thought I would post some pictures (long, long overdue) from our excursion in Dahua (in the Sechuan province of China) 2 summers ago... An amazing trip with some firsthand insights into a different world. Feeling nostalgic!


04 March 2011

hello, dolly

We'd like to apologize first for our major lack of updates; in the past two weeks we've been running around like crazy people. Katie has returned to the City and I to the Island, which makes things definitely more difficult, but that much more interesting!

In new and exciting news, our darling fellow blogger Angie sent us this award, which we appreciate so much!

Seven things about us...
1. we aren't twins although we've always felt we should be
2. Willie Nelson can make us happy no matter what the situation
3. we drink coffee 24/7
4. we like football
5. we have two cats
6. Not Another Teen Movie is a classic in our eyes
7. phelanie is a combination of our middle names

We plan to be back up and running ASAP, so thank you for not abandoning us!!


16 February 2011

town of brick

Today was Casual Wednesday because of the gorgeous warm front. Dresses and flat shoes were the theme of the day, mixed with light winter essentials. After an all-day roadtrip to the small City, we're pretty pooped. Time for some Toddlers and Tiaras and snacks!


ps. check this

15 February 2011

in the neutral

(Sam Edelman + Cooperative heels + vintage shirts + BG military skinnies)
Although it's undoubtedly not much fun for some, we've been enjoying the colder weather now that we're in the Midwest. The bliss was short-lived, however, and the sun has come out and melted all our precious snow! That being said, the sun and the dry, crackly leaves created a really pretty background to go with the skinny military pants we bought on the cheap in Town.

14 February 2011


We seriously love and appreciate everyone that stops by, follows us, and those who come back! We apologize for the literal lag in updates, but soon we'll be back on track!


09 February 2011


(vintage calico coat+urban outfitters faux fur collar military jacket+Uniqlo jean shorts+F21 neutral sweater +urban outfitters skirt+vintage ankle cowboy boots+aldo riding boots+vintage prada purse+karl lagerfield sunglasses)

We're back! And what's more, we're off the Island. Recap of the past two days, a lot of driving, flying, and eating, and little sleeping. Last night, due to jetlag that kept us up all night, we felt the need to raid the snack machines at the hotel, which resulted in a sugar high and still no sleep.

Today, we took a longg drive and ended up along the Florida coast, where white sand substituted for snow, and the weather subsequently took a turn for the cold (note how many more things we wore in this post!!)

More excitement, and possibly real snow to come!

06 February 2011

Kind of what we're hoping to find this week and the next, minus the blond hair unfortunately, and perhaps more snowy(!!). Standby for excitement!
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