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16 February 2011

town of brick

Today was Casual Wednesday because of the gorgeous warm front. Dresses and flat shoes were the theme of the day, mixed with light winter essentials. After an all-day roadtrip to the small City, we're pretty pooped. Time for some Toddlers and Tiaras and snacks!


ps. check this

15 February 2011

in the neutral

(Sam Edelman + Cooperative heels + vintage shirts + BG military skinnies)
Although it's undoubtedly not much fun for some, we've been enjoying the colder weather now that we're in the Midwest. The bliss was short-lived, however, and the sun has come out and melted all our precious snow! That being said, the sun and the dry, crackly leaves created a really pretty background to go with the skinny military pants we bought on the cheap in Town.

14 February 2011


We seriously love and appreciate everyone that stops by, follows us, and those who come back! We apologize for the literal lag in updates, but soon we'll be back on track!


09 February 2011


(vintage calico coat+urban outfitters faux fur collar military jacket+Uniqlo jean shorts+F21 neutral sweater +urban outfitters skirt+vintage ankle cowboy boots+aldo riding boots+vintage prada purse+karl lagerfield sunglasses)

We're back! And what's more, we're off the Island. Recap of the past two days, a lot of driving, flying, and eating, and little sleeping. Last night, due to jetlag that kept us up all night, we felt the need to raid the snack machines at the hotel, which resulted in a sugar high and still no sleep.

Today, we took a longg drive and ended up along the Florida coast, where white sand substituted for snow, and the weather subsequently took a turn for the cold (note how many more things we wore in this post!!)

More excitement, and possibly real snow to come!

06 February 2011

Kind of what we're hoping to find this week and the next, minus the blond hair unfortunately, and perhaps more snowy(!!). Standby for excitement!

04 February 2011


Granted we've done a post from this shoot, I was looking through some old pictures (these are some of the last we took individually) and couldn't help but put up these last two, which I feel are such a great embodiment of us: Katie, always ready and so photogenic, and me, never ready and never quite appropriate.
We spent the afternoon and early evening at a local carnival (hosted by the president's former high school what!) and found some exceptionally exciting pieces in the thrift shop! We're beyond ecstatic to share them..

Soon to come: we're taking a trip to the MidWest -- hope you're as excited as we are!


02 February 2011

cotton candy clouds

(Marc Jacobs lace trimmed top + forwardforward shorts + Express shorts + Arden B silk top + shopbop boots + NineWest ankle boots +vintage earrings)

Little dog asked us to take her for a run, so we obliged her. She has an unfortunate habit of eating shoes and feet, so we figured our best bet was hiding in the trees, which led me to self-time everything and not make it into said trees in the given ten seconds. The real trick was throwing a stick for LD at second five so she wouldn't be a Tasmanian blur at the foot of the tree (note the second to last snap).

01 February 2011

country roads

(Gap denim motorcycle jacket + shorts from forwardforward + Katie's new Deena&Ozzy boots+vintage dress and chambray shirt)

We took out our favorite denims and boots (mine are a given, Katie's are her new pair from Urban that desperately need a break in) and took to the road. I've had a problem/obsession with drawing crosses on myself for a while and I was surprised at how many crosses and cross-type things I saw as we drove. It was family time, and Mother was our designated photographer today. She wasn't exactly keen on her duties, but survived the ordeal well enough with the two snaps she took.

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