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..a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words..

Monday is here and like children anticipating their third and final day of freedom (weekend, that is), we couldn't sleep last night. Nothing is more maddening than an early night filled with promises of a hefty sleep than an early night filled with black ceilings and restlessness.

Since we couldn't head to Chinatown, we threw on our class throwback outfits and hit up the duck pond. On the way, I figured out how to keep the exposure open for longer, which resulted in a lot of blurry light snaps that I have half a mind to share. That being said, none are really very good, so I will refrain.

Just kidding.

Give Peace a Chance -John Lennon

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This weekend is hitting a little harder than expected, and we decided to slow things down by heading to Chinatown for a bit. It was a pleasant surprise, as it usually is, in terms of never being disappointed by the sights and food. It was a stifling day on the Island and we were glad for the chance to wear dresses after the recent downpours that have been washing out the days in various shades of gray.

We picked up a lot of bananas (potassium is crucial!) and some Vietnamese sandwiches, which happen to be as in abundance in Chinatown as they are delicious -- very.

We also went on an incredible night adventure through a valley on the other side of the Island with some friends, and had the chance to see a bunch of different sets left from movies/shows like Jurassic Park and Lost. We sat on an ancient Aztec sacrificial platform (faux, of course) and saw near a trillion stars to be exact.

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We're happy to say our third person is back (not in a Table for Three kind of way, we all love each other) and that being the case, we have a lot more options of where we explore when we want to take some snaps. This is actually the staircase of an elementary school, albeit far away from the school itself.

We wanted to use our scarves in a more sensible way for our weather, hence the turbans. Katie's looks a bit like a pirate rag, but the aesthetic is generally the same. We tried to slide down the railing, and it was less successful than the picture indicates. I actually fell off the rail and dangled in the air for a minute before finally hitting the step with my turban-cushioned head (stylish and practical!). I decided to just lie there instead of risking falling down the flight of stairs, and this lengthy bit explains why I am lying on mossy stairs in white pants.

Off on a new adventure, very excited for this one!

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We took a long walk today in the muddy, humid weather in order to shake off the crazy event we faced last night: we almost got struck by lightening. As it so happens, we were driving home when a torrential downpour commenced and all of a sudden, as we pulled up to a stop light, a burst of sparkling blue light appeared in the rearview mirror and there was a Shutter Island roll of vibration through our car, at which point we realized it was in fact lightening striking five feet behind us.

Fun fact: never use your cell phone whilst outside in a lightening storm.

The soppy weather isn't completely conducive to taking snaps of ourselves, but we went out anyway. The wind is still around, but not so much so that it's blown the clouds away. We decided to climb Christmas Tree Hill with the theory in mind that the higher we go, the less prone to bad weather we'd be--which was surprisingly true today.

We found an odd electrical hut covered in graffiti and were rather pleased with its overall look.

The unnecessary scarves were a social experiment to see how off they felt in 80 degree weather, and we found that they're better used as turbans actually...more on that tomorrow.

For now, we must rest and enjoy Jeresy Shore while soothing our aching feet with some peppermint pedi spray.

ps. more vintage to come; we're really excited to share some very old stuff (namely because it isn't us in the snaps and have a greater tendency toward being photogenic)

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Here begins a series of posts we refer to as vintage Phel. This is us three years ago, in the woods during a family reunion. Katie had a wild perm and I had some baby bangs, that you'll see much more of as this week continues. 

This is the period in our lives in which we developed our great appreciation for dresses. Our obsession with documenting moments of clothing and scenery actually began many years before that. 

We had several memorable moments this weekend, the first being our big campout. 

We also watched True Grit, which was what initially reminded us of these shots and inspired us to look them up in the depths of our computers, and to revisit some snaps of the Outlaw Couture shoot from Vogue Italia in 2008.

In other news, we're very excited for the cold front on the Island to pass so we can start wearing flowy neutrals and bustiers ala Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana several months before everyone else who will instead be enjoying(?) the snow storms hitting tonight, and the inevitable cold weather that will blanket mainland America for the next five months if this year is anything like last.

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The Island has grown on us. Little hermies and tide pools are among the reasons why.

Hello, Weekend!

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part II:

Because we spent another day in the glorious sun, a few shots from our favorite coffee shop in Nolita, in el City. When I first went there a few years ago, I hadn't realized it was a coffee shop, but I went back a few months later, in the middle of the day, and found that paninis were not their only specialty!

The waitstaff is great and the coffee is perfect for a freezing day or a hot summer day. It's just off Spring street.

As you can see, we go crazyy for Epistrophy.
part I:
I asked for a Flip video camera for Christmas, and Katie made sure there was one under the tree for me come that magical morning. It's HD and I'm so excited to try it out. Granted, I'm not sure how well the videos come out when they're uploaded, but I'm assuming better than the first video I posted off my digital camera.

Here is our first ever blog video, made intentionally for yesterday..but hey, Jersey Shore restarted and I was sidetracked. It's a simple winking video (we're grossly obsessed with seductive behavior right now, it can't be helped) and an eye shot of our mutt Belle. The video is very reminiscent of our old movies we used to make, which typically involved candy and Halloween costumes and feathers.

Enjoy our fifteen seconds of real-time!

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To explain a little bit about us, and why we find ourselves entertaining as stated in "about us," it's a self-preserving necessity, really. We have temporarily been removed from the City and placed back on the Island, where you can't step outside and go for a coffee at the wink of an eye (same goes for a cigarette). Instead, you have to drive ten minutes to the mall, find parking, smoke fifty feet from the store front, then get in line to get your coffee. Mind you, we don't mind, but it's a different aesthetic.

So we reverted back to our ten year-old selves and began taking pictures of ourselves again, but this time with a slightly more sophisticated camera (not sophisticated just not film) and with slightly better locations (we can get on the roof without parental assistance now).

But it's true, we've always thought we were the cat's pajamas when it comes to, really, anything. I suppose, self-preservation or not, it's just how we live life.

"People need to be made more aware of the need to work at learning how to live because life is so quick and sometimes it goes away too quickly." — Andy Warhol




We went on a long beach adventure today which resulted in my hand getting chafed even more so than it had from the roof debacle. Nature: 1, me: -1. So what if I can hardly type, at least my spirit is still in tact.

So here are some pictures we find inspirational for two main reasons: 1. the smoking, 2. the winking. No, we do not chain smoke or wink, but we're not ones to not indulge if we're going down the path of double entendres. Anna Korzun does both so well in the first and last snaps.

If she was in the Maybelline commercial with Erin Wasson I'd probably start adoring her, too. That being said, there's only one and only one EW (went there) and I'm pretty sure she winks and smokes once in a while.


We decided to pop up to the roof today and take some pictures while it was sunny. However, it was still as windy as ever and the camera fell halfway down the roof before I caught it, nearly ripped my dress, and scraped my hand. Who said this was easy?!

Anyway, we're trying a new thing where the post notes are on a separate page, so if you don't feel like reading any of this, all you have to do is avoid clicking on the link to this page.

What we've learned from today is that being on slanted surfaces is not conducive for photoshoot-ing, nor is it the makings of a good third wheel.

The best shot of today was definitely that of Katie attempting to get down from the roof and being too scared to jump from the rock wall to the ground. Before I went to carry her down with my Herculean strength, I took the picture of her that coincidentally turned out to be the best one! Magic at its finest.

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