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03 January 2011

au naturale

(Ralph Lauren onesie + LowLuv ring+ Bugs Bunny coffee mug+mother's random sunglasses)
We've tried to do "natural" and "in our element" videos before, and they come out so awful (mainly we sound like Valley Girls but apparently that's innate) we give up. But here's one of our first, because I think it's funny, and I drop the camera, which saves the entire thing in my opinion. As does the sunscreen lining my jawline.

We were on our way to a preconceived shoot we deemed "Suits and Boots" but we found a starfish and a chicken, which led to abandoning the shoot. Needless to say, things went south very quickly.

To close, an obligatory Island shot, some sun and palm trees to help fight off the blizzards every where else in the world. You want out of it, we wish we were in it.

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